Is America still great?

From the basis of America’s greatness being contingent upon her also being good, I believe America, the people of America, possess the same qualities and capacity for moral intelligence today, as those who chose the path of greatness by their actions as well as their words at the outset of our nations founding. Words that clearly stated their intention to uphold the rights of individual liberty and throw off the chains of tyranny and oppression, yet did so by first acknowledging the supremacy of our sovereign God. What meaning would it have to say that we hold these truths to be self evident, without also declaring that the origin of that truth resides with Almighty God. It would have placed the entire future of our nation in the hands of men who have an equal capacity to do evil by rejecting God, making them alone the highest authority, and would provide no source of accountability to preside over a nation other than that of a despot whose chains were calling before the grave actions of those Colonial Patriots.


“We see the benefit whether in professional and political sectors, the social fabric, the culture in our community, and the bonds of dad’s with their family, each of these structures in each domain of life become the beneficiaries of well-formed men.”

Sandy Hook – Depravity and the path of destruction

We must ask this question, how does a person living apart from God move from simply being, to being a tool in the hand of Satan, used for the purpose of dishonoring God and destroying His creation – these very innocent and beautiful lives? A person who knows the fear of God and is in possession of an eternal perspective that confers personal accountability, is far less likely to let down their guard, their conscience, to allow evil to hijack their mind. I think that by ignoring our need to know Him, and embracing the world rather than He who created it, we are offering up a prime area of our life for His enemy to build a stronghold of corruption in us.

Renewing our minds and saying yes to God

“Jesus took 12 ordinary men and did something absolutely extraordinary. He trained each of them over the course of His ministry and taught them to become His disciples, and then He sent them out into the world. Jesus often related His teachings to people thru the social and economic fabric of their lives and He always did so with an attitude of love, but also in a context that held them accountable. Love without accountability is just an emotional response; however love that is led by God’s righteous love is an enduring love and results in a committed life.”